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Adapt is second child of modularity

This life view is easy to adapt because:

Can be viewed in simpler views:

  1. Basic views i.e. Life set: resumed default, Basic life: simplified default, flove formula
  2. Partial views i.e. using only some parts of it: gender into dimensions
  3. Other views i.e. use other life views instead

You can add coats:

  1. Translations i.e. Languages, gurmukhi, binary, HASH, etc
  2. Sensorial, hormonal, neuronal, etc expressions
    1. Pictured i.e. colours [1], etc
    2. Multimedia i.e. dance: life qi, sounds: life piano, etc
    3. Other i.e. touch: Massage the darks as in acupuncture, etc
  3. Other aesthetics
    1. Lexic games i.e. cut-up theory, transpoetrics, etc
    2. Other cultures semiotics i.e. animals, art, signs
    3. Add gradients i.e. brighter, lovelier, more idealist, antagonist, gaming, etc to a new word, a partial set or to the full one

You can further define any part by adding:

  1. Copies
  2. External vibrations
  3. Paths to family and others (see family phrases, phrasing)

Adapt in wikipedia