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Beauty is rational evolution coming from moral going to ethic having fail as dark sibling

Beauty is:

  1. ...
  2. Grand-grandaughter of life
  3. Grandaughter of animal
  4. Daughter of rational
  5. Older sister of moral
  6. Younger sister of ethic
  7. Sibling of fail
  8. Nephew of mental and economical
  9. Older cousin of sense
  10. Younger cousin of stock
  11. Aunt of belief, close and group

  1. Parent of (only dimensions are parents)
  2. Daughter-in-law for dimensions i.e. passional and political of cultural or for analogies

  1. Lend is grandgrandaughter of stock
  2. Beauty is younger cousin of stock
  3. Beauty is grandgrandaunt-in-law of lend
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