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A ComonLab is a physical place that welcomes and is inviting people that want to develop in comunaction there.

A ComonLab could be available more or less ephimerly (i.e. a hackathon taking place in a public roofless square or a more robust space such as an office space or a whole building with full property rigths over it). However, we recommend adding your space as ComonLab in the [ map] if it can be accessible for a mid-long term and has further facilities such as other hosts around, roof and walls (or appropiate climate conditions at least..), electricity, internet, cooking and resting facilities and water (nearby at least..).


Types of ComonLabs

See them all in the [ map]

  • Infraestructural conditions: type of construction, climate, environtment, etc.
  • Availability of use: XX/X + XX/X for availability timelines (24/7 = 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Sector and/or sections being developed: health, tech, haction, etc


Comonhouses are comonlabs that:

Inviting to comonhouse messages

ei hi!

during some next months we'll be in comunathon around [...someplace...]. welcome on board on the comonhouses! or see you at other ComonLab around.

Types of comonhouses

Types of residences

Being in a comonhouse implies you becoming some sort of resident when you go there. Below some types:

Comunitary residents

Comunitary residences is being integrally in comunaction. (S)he is developing / implementing the model all the posible time, so (s)he is also:

  • helping out projects being even more free
  • mantaining the public tasks and doing the comonlab basic tasks
  • offers everything (s)he owns as all shareful with all shareful people developing comunaction sections.

The comunitary residents are the ones who:

  • Aceppt/deny creative residencies creativas and solidary shelter.
  • Get resources from the collectibox for daily expenses.
  • Decide where to invest the collectivebox

Creative residences

The creative residences are for people that want to get to use the comonlab during concrete seasons with some scheduled agenda for developing some project up to some extent. This developed initiatives are considered to be helpful enough for any of the comunaction sections.

The creative residents can get from the collectibox for daily expenses and have to participate on the basic tasks.

Integral residence

The integral residence is a creative residence for people that want to create in all sections from the comonlab (see also: comuniverisity).

Solidary shelter

Solidary shelter is an invitation from the comonhouse to people that should contribute to some public task.