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THIS IS AN OLD PAGE just kept for historial purposes

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Cooperative project

The point is to allow the publishing of semifree projects' planned production and personal offers and nonfree personal and projects wants along with other freer things.

  1. Members make a list of projects that they are working on, want to work on and-or support as a non-member, and quote the planned production cooperativity degree along with others.
  2. Members make a list of things they want/request for personal private consumption and for their projects, and quote this requested product's cooperativeness.

If you are bartering non-free things you are requesting, you would be required to, in exchange, add qoops or other assets just to their free projects.

If they contact you for offering free things you are requesting(for your projects or for your private consumption), you could add points or give other nonfree assets to them.

Other requirements
10% sold for Koops or barter
Public vialibility plan
They may or may not accept new new members, asking for an additional personal affinity or not
Conventional money requests for the project have a 25% tax to be invested in developing the alterantive to this actual need.

Open project


It hasn't critical mass or it's still far to be reached and accepts members openly
Working members could ask their production's proportional part
Production will for sale accepting a minimum of 25% Koops

Free project
Shareable project


Production will be offered with a Sharing Invitation

Shareful project
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