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Disflow is level of fake in a flow (quantity and quality of misses in the process)


Overflow is flow that is not vibrating its close family along,i.e

  1. OverMale: "Love is a free wise given"
  2. OverFemale: "Love is a trustful joy that creates"

Both have unflown their sisters/brothers

Misflow is a transflow that unflows,i.e.

  1. MisMale: "Wise love is exchanging gifts with social persons" (i.e. patriarchy, porn)
  2. MisFemale: "Love is trust in a sharing channel" (i.e. facebook is sexy)

Transflow is vibrating an upper lovely through a lower lovely overflow , i.e.

  1. TransMale: "I want to swap love with you", "I had the fantasy you pay me for making love to you", etc
  2. TransFemale: "I want you to share love", "(Now we stop my conversation), so we can get closer..."

3 human trends with faith disflow (because of):