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Evil code

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Trustful code is for offering to be sent to hell

The trustful code is an offer for increasing posible necessary trusting between other subjects for they deciding being close or related to us.

  • (x)Let x placing me in hell

(x)For: (100) days, ()Publicly, ()Ever

(x)Compensable, (x)fully, (x)with:

(x)Warn me with: (10) days in advance

(x)Get my:

(x)red apple

(x)red apple




Trustful code legend

Demon is a bee in hell.

Hell in s.be is a place where some eviled bees are being placed in (and made demons) by other bees with an evil code.

Warn me with

Warn me with is field for letting a delay to happen before finally sending someone to hell. The heller gets an agreed delay in his action and notifies the helled before finally helling him.

Default is without warning.

See also: Evil flame before hell article


For is a field for sending someone to hell for a while. The hell period (entry and exit date) is specified once the evil code is generated.

Default is for (100) days.

See also: Still eviled after hell article


(For)Ever is a field for sending someone to hell forever.


Compensable is a field for allowing the evil coded to go to purgatory, where there are some posible compensations to be done for repairing the damage (developing damaged sharefulness by default) while keeping the historic records.

Fully compensable

Fully compensable is a field for allowing the evil coded to get out from hell, without keeping any historic records of it.


(Fully) (compensable) With is for getting out of hell by doing some compensating pre-especified by the code giver.

Require reciprocity

Require reciprocity is for both persons having the same trustful code for each other.

Default is not requiring reciprocity

Get my

Get my is a field for additionally giving objects offerorship when sending to hell.

Default is not getting anything

Expires in

Expires in is for adding the period of time that the other can send you to hell.

Default is (10) days

Cast a curse

Cast a curse is for publishing an additional disgusting message when sending to hell.

Trustful code types

Simple trustful code

A simple trustful code is

  1. fully reciprocal
  2. letting placing in hell publickly,
    1. without previous warning.
    2. for 100 days,
    3. compensably,
    4. expiries in 10 days,
    5. without getting any offerorship.

Use cases

There was an unknown and very dubious bee for X (Y) that knocked at X's door because wanted to get to share for a couple of days one of X's red apples that was inside the house.
X decided to go with Y downstairs to the street. They talked a bit, and went up for generating an evil code at shareful.be/evil before getting the shareful good. They generated a reciprocal simple evil code expirable in one week.
X received back the good at his house and told Y that (s)he was going to delete the evil code later before it expiries.

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