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Extend is third child of modularity

The life view can be easily extended because:

It can have further triads (or analogies) for:

  1. Process, ranks and parts
  2. Dimensions i.e. exchange
  3. Vibrations i.e. lovely childs, external vibrations, Life32

It can be networked by:

  1. Comparing personal views i.e. life viewer end, etc
  2. Crowdsourcing this and your own view i.e. see crowdlife
  3. Using it for a local or social purpose i.e. minimum of 50% of flove or life view matching in order to..

It has a lot to improve by extending:

  1. Transcendence i.e. axioms, etiology, talks and faith
  2. Heuristic
    1. Hermeneutic i.e. improve metrics
    2. Modelling (improve the mindmaps
    3. Implementations i.e. improve flove.org, liberada.net, etc
  3. Format
    1. Documentation i.e. whitepaper, wiki, news
    2. Interactivity i.e. API, apps, services
    3. Architecture i.e. make it more decentralised

Extend in wikipedia