Faith, truth and science

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Metaphysics continues to ask why when science leaves off.. -- wikipedia

Faith, code, (personal) true.... it is naturally (universally, animally) processed this way.

Faith is far lovely animal coming from weak, going to animal void, child of gaia and parent of let

We are also led by the unviewable (dark, misses, universe) than by we can view overall.

Faith (humans loveliest interacting with their unviewable) is a parent (higher flove, prescriptive, as love, joy and a limited etcetera are) of descriptive (viewed) science (code) and its further explanatory truths.


Science is (still, only) (descriptive) code that easily vibrates truth. But science will never view-know-code it all and missed or remaining truths will rely on faith. So science is useful for extending (making more lovely) the (normal universal, natural, human) experiencing of faith.


True is a far lovely rational expression (or a lovely personal experience of an existant reality) that has rated a (scientific) code, more or less based in faith.

All these estatements are one experienceable (always axiomatic) thruth, despite the social mania (male rational misflow) that tend to code science as the only truth and it being higher than or rival of faith.

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