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Flove.org is a project for a more interactive lovely life.

Floves modelling

If you view anything lovely in life, it should be easy for you to place it in any of the limited lovely expressions of life - flove(.org)

Flove models defaults

Choose a dimension (or lovely keyword), see an inviting phrase to perform an action within it, edit it, save and/or send it (to a friend, network, etc)

Each flove (lovely expression - keyword) has a definitory short phrase inviting to some action related to it. Anyone can add their specific wills or additional information to the default lovely action and produce another outcome (or more custom phrase - action) within the limits of it.

Partial floves

Whatever culture, big or small action: get a part of flove for you.

Flove expressions (tools, etc) can be offered in a simpler or partial version of the whole flove model, or with custom bundles that are mixing parts of different models (i.e. evil code, etc).

Floves posible implementation platforms

API for modular - entangled applications:

web, phone app, etc
videogame (exporting - networking results)
embed, sindicate, etc

Authory disclaimer

Coco is a human-person (hi!) who is evolving flove documentation very much with some other people found along his nomad way of life. He has further specified each flove through one mindmap representing a software powered form, for thereafter launch such interactive platforms through flove.org subdomains.

The models expressed up to now (as happening with the “life set”) are b(i)ased by the strategic implementation view (aesthetical heuristics willing to be consensual-natural-universal about what has maximum meaning, minimum message lenght and minimmum learning curve) of one person: coco.

The keywords used for the making of the life table have been choosed through the gradual evolution of the mind of the author during his studying of the different subjects. Also note that beyond his study of edgy achademical researchs and keywording of wikipedia-etc pages introducing different scientific fields, he has also reached to review words lists such as the most common words, the most positive words, etc.

He has his own personal aesthetical tricks, intuitions and faithful bettings, which obviously could fail into being considered wishful or unaccurate for the purpose expressed. However, here is the-his stand, very much open to be enhaced by others' addons, revisions or plain criticism.

Basically, all this introductory bloaty chpater is only useful to finally say that:

Obviously and nevertheless, this is only an initial one-man-work, so it is not a final one-man-show (so see you!)

See also: wowwiki making of, flove making of

"All the evolution we know of proceeds from the vague to the definite. --- C. S. Pierce"