Flove vs Lovely vs Far lovely vs Flow vs Love

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Flove is first child of energy coming from light and dark, (maybe) going to broader than flove and parent of print, lovely and far lovely

Lovely is first frequency of flove coming from express and going to void

Far lovely is the third frequency of flove coming from excess and going to void

There has to be a bit of excess (part of dark) in the far lovely vibration

Far lovely loving is more stable loving than loving lovely because:

  1. it is post-love (gives a less loser sensation)
  2. it is still lovely and willing to be lovely
  3. it doesn't need that much light vibrating to be lovely

Flow is lovely universal coming from bring going to universal void, and is parent of all lovelies

Love is lovely passional coming from want, going to passional void, child of subtle and parent of joy

We want void, so we love.

There is only void inmediately after love or far love.

Love-void experience lasts very little, the following i made love-void have gone experience creates a dark pain to be vibrated and a play source to be evolved to a new idea beyond vain.

We'll then have to bring this dark pain back to love (by vibrating sense) and express the evolved idea with a like expression that will trigger more or less joy (a new love going to a new void that will be produce a will)

Will would bring more or less wisdom, and that will bring rationality to vibrate.

We must safely curse and hate that duty we have to live with (having to crash with the issue of "scaping love, and i have to love the following void and dark phases anyway"), it's life.

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