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This is an old table!

This table show the actual state of interactive implementations of flove. Feel free to extend

app web mindmap Lovely Far lovely mindmap web app
1. Universal mm flow _______ ________ interact mm
2. Natural real tesla mm
3. Animal mm human leap mm
3.1 Mental mm view faith
3.1.1 Passional love wish
3.1.2 Cultural joy fun
3.1.3 Political wise care
3.2 Rational mm rate true mm
3.2.1 Personal mm be accept mm
3.2.2 Local mm trustful peace
3.2.3 Social mm free fair
3.3 Economical mm make use mm
3.3.1 Material mm get store
3.3.2 Mechanical create bring
3.3.3 Deal mm offer invite mm Gift mm freed favor Sharing mm shareful partake mm Exchange mm swap credit Negotiation tacit bid Channel ori botori Transfer mm direct _________ _________ flevy

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