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Gender is third child of hierarchy

Natural flow: Female has the vibration mania with second childs, male with the third ones and we both care about firsts equally. i.e.


1) Vibrating upper lovelies with a lower third without its second, darks it all, i.e.

patriarchy darkness: "-Wise love is exchanging gifts with social persons ( culture-joy, local-trust, sharing..)"

2) Vibrating a second without its third causes less dark in a short term, but when vibrated too much becomes mania and will create dark, i.e.

Ortodox femenine: "-Have joy only by sharing trust or loving, being or gifting (wishful dark on the way..)"


Getting deep in your own manias is a flovy trick, but not for the long term:

1) Male ultralight: "-Love wise beings are freeing gifts", increases its older brothers (2nd natural childs) sharing, trustfulness and joy but.. fights)"

2) Female ultralight: "-Love joy for a trustful sharing", gets to an accurate lovely vibration point, but it will need constant wise code that minds society and deals with the remaining exchanges.

Overflow + Transflow:

Get on your manias (overflow), and vibrate an upper flow as if was a lower one (transflow):

1) Maniac man: "-I want to swap love with us"

2) Maniac woman: "-I want we to share love"

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