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Life view is a copy of life

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Life is a process ranking parts of energy vibrating in dimensions





Source Evolve Express Lovely _ Far Excess Twist Lack
1 Universal length change load flow _ whole god stress final
1.1 Vital tension motion coherence alive _ full system limbo ultimate
1.1.1 Foundational emerge novel generate rise _ create progress accident end
1.1.2 ` Intentional [[]] design develop tune _ purpose destiny karma retrograde
1.1.3 Transformational separate part branch multiple _ diverse lineage issolate abandon
1.2 Relational pair converge merge harmony _ equilibrium pseudo-equilibrium non-equilibrium chaos
1.2.1 Trascendental unity serve divine pure _ depurate ghost master absolute
1.2.2 Cryptical mystery enigma hint unknowable _ unobservable luck secret unknown
1.2.3 Imitational compare adopt sample pattern _ reproduce example simulate erase
1.3 Perfectional supersimmetry superposition scalar simple _ complex omniverse asymmetry multiverse
1.3.1 Functional set fix ensemble constant _ evolution rank error singularity
1.3.2 Architectural holon polar vortex stable _ dynamic paralel alternative other
1.3.3 Programational system automate determinism integral _ current urge depend unlike
2 Natural radiation light energy real _ exist entropy dark void
2.1 Positional node circuit vector center _ peripheral radial black lost
2.1.1 Fundamental issue subject object essence _ substance thing almighty omnipresent Material soil plasma matter magnetic _ electric fluid viscous foam Musical tone rythm acoustic vibrate _ resonate cymatic noise disrupt Chemical property geometry thermic positive _ element temperature dissipate dissapear
2.1.2 Implosional attract absorb accumulate inner _ concentrate exceed suck repulse Observational fuzzy prism find intract _ react blurry vague opaque Theoretical reach focus scope posible _ probable backgrund odd radical Practical test regular evidence certain _ exact proof critic crisis
2.1.3 Expansional graph increment grow able _ explain escape inflate explode Mechanical force medium switch cause _ effect meassure apparatus weapon Physical sequence frequency modulation shift _ paradigm calibrate interfere collapse Mathematical conjecture hypothesis theory principle _ equation theorem paradox oax
2.2 Temporal quantum entangle momentum mesh _ leap differ issolate nothing
2.2.1 Actual sudden implement chance now _ present opportunity postpone crunch
2.2.2 Global permanent cycle pace phase _ timeline due loop ephemeral
2.2.3 Total origin period history linear _ ethernal era aeon retrograde
2.3 Spatial horizon event charge wave _ density mass gravity hole
2.3.1 Formal fractal landscape path shape _ matrix medium string vacuum
2.3.2 Microscopical neutron proton electron atom _ particle field bosson [[]]
2.3.3 Macroscopical content container broad cosmos _ infinite abroad outer black
3 Biological reveal connect sentient agency * _ presence survive weak death
3.1 Organical organism organ vegetal animal _ human bacteria virus lost
3.1.1 Genetical RNA DNA mithocondria genome _ phenotype unique silencer disease
3.1.2 Cellular metabolism protein aminoacid soul _ body inmune crisis age
3.1.3 Neural nerve synapsis memory emphasis _ analogy victim madness pain
3.2 Mental attachment interest reveal subtle * _ hope * discover vice possess
3.2.1 Communicational abundant message symbol sing _ sign brand hurt scarce x Emotional need desire want love _ wish zeal rage fear f Experimental play enjoy feel joy _ fun flaw sorrow bore m Operational idea balance code wise _ care core worry fight
3.2.1 Internal poiesis memesis simbiosis aware * _ fit split damage suffer Sensorial smell hear taste touch _ view belong danger poison Sensual introspect enlighten stimulate excite _ transfer somatize disguise disregard Sexual extrospect flirt fuck orgasm _ transmit lust abuse extinct
3.2.2 X External abstract draw concretize guess * _ imagine * overflow disflow misflow Perceptional notice vary see clear _ clean neat urge miss Recognitial dare sane greet cheer _ like greed poison danger Referential egolatry selfsteem ego lead _ bias selfish narcisim psychopathy
3.3.2 F Rational beauty reason consciouss accept * _ rate * mania calculus fail xx Personal self focus identity be * _ true * belief deny fake Spiritual connect symbol myth sacred _ faith religion dogma offend Mysthical heaven brand worship epic _ bring pitty evil hell Reciprocal passion fantasy seek dream _ vow mission gregarious disfavor Ritual impulse commit act intend _ expect polite delete purge Aesthetical bliss recall fine nice _ taste critic troll flame Inspirational open strive enhance fresh _ charm decrease depress shut Attentional cautious moderate quality tender _ nurture quantity dangerous hostile Artistical artifact perform agile style _ way geek pity freak Logical ground guide frame right _ rigour cage abuse absolute Interpretational identify doubt learn deep _ meaningful understand mess lie Precisional sight validate accomplish proper _ accurate assume false infalsiable Qualitational good pretty relevant better _ best spoil ugly bad Quantitational big huge great amazing _ awesome brutal radical crazy Constructional thrive strive dignity humble _ honest honour starve suicide Linguistical language dialect conversate talk _ mean speech troll flame Psicological thought integrate cognite choose _ focus attach split anxiety Behavioural basis attitude smart select _ goal strike conflict boycott Projectional pretend target concern advance _ achieve expect uthopy guilt Propositional release incite suggest manifest _ meaningful imply plot terror Reputational account trace myself merit _ fame prestige assault crime Perpetual sample example method version _ status construct forbid secret xf Local empathy synchrony simpathy trustful * _ peace altruism rival hate Environtmental instinct domesticate compromise kind _ affect civilizate savage depredate Terrestrial mate friend family equal _ intim defend enemy disregard Grupal trait actual experiential close _ companion known class gang Territorial country region homestead relative _ neighbour foreign strange homeless Tactical now adjust efficient prefer _ convenient affect perturb worsen Optimal active favorable accurate match _ adequate competent pasive off Original hot easy warm new _ challenge catch difficult cold Special comply persuade induce quick _ let dominate submission risk Ethical dignity honour respect pleasant _ cool pride deception insult Normal aproach pragma course habit _ hobby curse mandatory miss Cultural role character tradition adore _ admire folklore spoil guilt Political attention mediate responsive skill _ sharp responsible rigid paralisis xm Social articulate network redistribute free * _ fair terms imped force Technical law judge police order _ enforce army terrorism anarchy Analitical raw info data content _ stat available cypher spam Adaptational run interpret patch hack _ flaw bug exploit crack Academical proof fact standard stand _ format static false wishful Estrategical project target uthopy plan _ convenient disthopy crash crunch Organizational prevent secure settle cohesion _ resolve arbitrate ban violence Contactual shelter assist involve embrace _ engage ally perjudicate trap Contractual claim flexible promise access _ allow tight reject dismantle Conventional citizen vote govern private _ public dictate impose crime Mutual cooperate collabore duty common _ given [[]] [[]] compete Ideal important promote capacity value _ virtue urgent defect banal Moral power publicity declare promote _ propose press censor oppress Philosophical context discourse domain foresee _ predict yard complain liberty Consensual permit consent just agree _ convince reject obligate impose Legal rule control safeguard protect _ possess law jail punish
3.3.3 xxx Economical resource allocate stock do * _ get use speculate owner xxx Extractional mine keep resource eco * _ preserve compensate pollute expoliate xxf Manufactural manage build device craft _ produce work slave destroy xxm Servicial estate invite convey offer * _ license * market bribe capital xh Altruistical give contribute gift freed * _ favor donate bill loss fh Communal cost crew lend share * _ partake * lease hire usury mh Commercial price benefit exchange swap * _ credit earn lucre monopolize xg Negotiational disclaim bundle ad tacit _ cheap bid lobby boss fg Firmal deed bond convert ori _ cash currency fiat money mg Deal sell pay buy direct * _ flevy fee debt swindle