Life vs World

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Life is a process ranking parts of energy vibrating in dimensions

World is natural excess coming from cave going to eco having earth as light sibling.

World is also child of space and parent of weak

The Wordlview (Weltanschauung) concept is flawed since it is yet another of the social-centered productions from patriarchy (as god, lord, society, money, empire...) are.

What is a world? Why not "life"? as Llull, Kierkegaard, Whitehead, etc so well pointed out. The achademical reply is (lol):

-"Life" belongs to "biological chemistry", which despite it being a very dependant field of ours, we consider that an outer externality of our work. Nowadays, we are modernising the "world view" concept with the new sociological field of "world systems theory".

"World", "world view" and "world systems theory" are only yet another patriarchy trick for vibrating the making of social cores for the exchange dimension mostly (despite that having low flove). Some intellectual vanguardist men choosed the ambiguity of "world" instead of "life", for facing an opposition to the God of the church, but failed in it as they make it "world" act like the "lord" does to their "god".

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