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Offering is:

  1. identifying
  2. dealing or inviting with an object
  3. receiving

We communicate global offers and offer objects. We don’t "offer" "emotions", "doubts", "art", "ideas" or "wants". Living expression process (or natural vibration) is neither offering, but a parent of it that simply "flow" differently or are other kind of "flow".

"Offering" is for both material (objects) and unmaterial (global) human communication. Its childs' analogy shows how much are related to each other:

being <--> gift

local <--> sharing

social <--> exchange

"Offering" want to empty the room for an offeror (was: id, owner) considering their construction as an entity and their rights over objects as "not offerable" to others. This way we can better achieve the lovely objective of a social default code for dealing with materialities being "if there is no other code, then it is lovely offered" instead of the tending to interpret the actual social excess of "if there is no other code, it is not offered (property)".

"Offering" can have its parts. While offeror should defaultly refer to "original offeror" (the responsible being flowing out the concrete offer), "mediator" or "mate" could be used as a role being an offeror assistant for making offerors less worried with the settling duty that can arise from such an open offer to others.

Coding "offeror, being, inviting, mediation, user, related, etc" (instead of owner, master, etc) let upper realms flow.

when you love yourself right enough, you don't need friends because all is friendly.

Template:Offering merging


Being is lovely personal self existing


Inviting is objects lovely offering

Life floves:

  1. ...
    1. flove
      1. gaia
        1. human
          1. love
          2. will
          3. wise
        2. rate
          1. be
          2. trustful
          3. free
        3. make
          1. freed
          2. shareful
          3. swap

Life and offer

We communicate-act as beings and objects offerors. We don’t offer "emotions", "views", "code", "ideas" or "wants". These last are upper realms than "offering" is.

Property vs Offer

"Offer" is lovelier code than property. Property lawing is specifying restrictions to others on access, possesion, and use. Property is conventionally used for "if there is no specification, there is the authority of an owner". Property wants to include intellectual (unmaterial) works as privative and it is underneath the feeling of acting in our relationing as privative as we deal with objects, and the way back. (read more here)



realm being inviting
social free freed
local trustful shareful
personal being actoin

Offering love

"offering" wants to achieve

  1. empty the room for an offeror (was: id, owner) considering their rights over things as "not offerable" to others.
  2. defaults "if there is no other code, then it is lovely (because we have to offer it, and with very permissive defaults)".
  3. Template:Offering merging

Offering will

Play with "offeror, being, inviting, subjects, objects, mediation, user" (for not needing owner or lesee, etc.) does

  1. influence a more lovely connection (i.e. with the will upper realm)
  2. merging material offers and unmaterial (i.e. there is an authority management task there is in every abstract subjecting also) both as offering.
  3. connecting specific material realms (i.e. sharing) with its more abstract related (i.e. trust)

Offering core

Offering roles are

  1. "Offeror" (defaultly refers to "original offeror")
  2. "mediator" is an offeror assistant (for making offerors less worried with the settling duty that can arise from an offer)
  3. "user" are the rest

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