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This is a rant written for flushing out the specifications of a
vanguardist and natured platform for sharefulling. platform is an infinite and plain space for developing sharefulling. Every habitant can add their ads in pages located near the tree they prefer. Visitors are able to browse the space through their keyboard arrows, with shorcuts and with the zoomful.

The zoomful is the space's quickest search engine. Pages can be hidden from the zoomful or found as points with the zoomful but with its contents partially hidden for different types of visitors.

The maximum content the zoomful would display you would be 30 results, half of them randomized.

Habitants can use, comment and-or place new full or partial shareful things, ideas for those, hashtags (plants), moderated taxonomies (trees) in locations that are referenced by coordenates and short urls found through the QR code automatically generated for each place - page. From those pages they create, they can link to trees, users, other ads and-or even to empty coordenates (i.e. with ads nearby).

Each new tree is represented in the space by a tree. When you create a new place or taxonomy, you become the owner of it. You can pass the ownership of a single taxonomic node (plant) to another habitant and (S)he could choose whether to hide their pages when a search on the parent is made. The taxonomy owner can rename the nodes and relate its nodes to other nodes from other public taxonomies but content ammount shouldn't be shown in counters. Closed taxonomies are the ones that owners don't let them be referenced by other taxonomies nor be found by random visitors.

Taxonomies owners could choose whether to include related taxonomies pages results at their taxonomic search results from the zoomful too.

The first world tree for geolocations was created by x in english copy-pasting public data from conventional channels. X is giving the ownership to other localer habitants of them very easily. X is looking for new open taxonomic geolocating forks made from scratch (i.e. España - etc) or made at a interested another tree (i.e. Ecology - Iberian peninsula) for manually relating its nodes to these new geo nodes.

There is a tree for clausuling sharefulness options based in an imagined normative work made by X (*) which is displayed at the new publishing types creation for objects, which could be ignored, partially used and forked. They provoque specific symbols added to an "X" inside the QR for previewing those sharefulness selected clausules before scanning the QR, in case that object doesn't already interest you due to those unliked added use requeriments.

There is also another already created tree based on karmic models that could be attached as sources to the ads, for enabling shareful networking between people with abstractness too.

Finally, X also created a thematic tree that couldn't be less cared about defaultly.

You can move your page to another main tree from the space that has a better neighbourhood for you. Past pages (QRs) can't be redirected to the new pages and can be occupied by others as soon as you leave them. For now, the QR url subfolder is represented by random words from different languages and a little additional text.

Nobody stops you from adding things belonging to other people, inviting other habitants to populate the space, cloning trees, etc. nor for faking ads or placing QR stickers at someone else's objects in the street. You could be asked for a evil code before letting sharefulling or simplier be sued by theft or else if you don't ask the legitimate owner before using that hipothetic shareful good (while you being absolutely sure that the one you are asking for is the real legitimated one), like it could happen to you in your daily life.

If you intentionally damage objects, damaged ones could inform others about your antishareful activities, as it could equally happen to you in your daily life.

The natured platform model is looking for pleasing you with an original and efficient browsing experience, the idea is so lovely that has to be lovelier represented.