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Vibrations flow through ranks . (We humans view it as a multitrack process, in permanent editorial revision where we have the will to disflow for experimenting its varieties)

Bright goes to flove, and then leaves a print

Flove forms bright sources in its lower layer

The more bright source as higher flove has been

The more bright source, the less lack shade and the more possible evolution

The more bright evolution, the less twist shade and the more possible expression

The more bright expression, the less excess shade and the more possible lovely and far lovely expressions

Otherwise, actual twisted shade will go to lack instead of going to excess and far lovely. This would make lower flows flowing shader because of this upper shade vibration, and will cause an acceleration for the expression of equivalent brightness starting to be felt in such shadier body, which if refused will come to be expressed through other related or far bodies to the shady ones.

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Life has a constant process that is always evolving, every historical time has its own vibrations tendencies and there is a common trace in all of them. Every new revolutionary theory, expressed art or conversation input mostly tried to vibrate the dimensional vibrations that weren't vibrating much at its time.

Multitrack in permanent editorial revisions are different processes starting or keeping up everytime, so some of them can be postponed and re-engaged while in the middle of a new starting flow process i.e.

"There are new feelings and likes flowing before coding a pending will about your self"

We want void, so we love.

There is only void inmediately after love or far love.

Love-void experience lasts very little, the following i made love-void have gone experience creates a dark pain to be vibrated and a play source to be evolved to a new idea beyond vain.

We'll then have to bring this dark pain back to love (by vibrating sense) and express the evolved idea with a like expression that will trigger more or less joy (a new love going to a new void that will be produce a will)

Will would bring more or less wisdom, and that will bring rationality to vibrate.

We must safely curse and hate that duty we have to live with (having to crash with the issue of "scaping love, and i have to love the following void and dark phases anyway"), it's life.

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