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Ranks are expressed by comparing the position of concepts within the whole view: upper, broader and-or most wanted or brighter are ways to identify ranking. Ranks do exist to our natural reason since i.e. we are more afraid of death than of worry, we are more likely to like to be more often happy than being sad the majority of our time. So ranks are basically finally expressing how much bright should deserve each vibration in life compared to another.

But despite its rank and this following affirmation that will posible be very polemic to our reasoning: every vibration is relative to the rest of others, so ranks are perceptions and not strict hierarchies i.e. death is not universally worse than worry, being sad is not less important than being happy, etc.. . Nevertheless, and as said above, ranks do help us understand the and what matters most than other matters in our life.

A code vibration that has-causes a lot of joy and love is a lot wise

"Exchange" is not lovelier than "sharing", but "lovely exchange" (swap) is very probably more lovely than "not very lovely sharing". "Exchange" is influencing "feel" vibration less than "sharing" or "gift", but "swap" most of the times, lets upper dimensions to vibrate (i.e. feel) more than not lovely "sharing". So "swap" is lovely because even being an exchange, wants to tend to be a lovely sharing or gift. This high connectivity of "swap" with the "sharing" dimension creates more flow of "love - emotions" than deciding flowing from "sharing" without caring much about influencing sharing upper dimensions.

Overflow is flow that is not vibrating its close family along,i.e

  1. OverMale: "Love is a free wise given"
  2. OverFemale: "Love is a trustful joy that creates"

Both have unflown their sisters/brothers

Misflow is a transflow that unflows,i.e.

  1. MisMale: "Wise love is exchanging gifts with social persons" (i.e. patriarchy, porn)
  2. MisFemale: "Love is trust in a sharing channel" (i.e. facebook is sexy)

Transflow is vibrating an upper lovely through a lower lovely overflow , i.e.

  1. TransMale: "I want to swap love with you", "I had the fantasy you pay me for making love to you", etc
  2. TransFemale: "I want you to share love", "(Now we stop my conversation), so we can get closer..."

Lend is:

  1. ...
  2. Grand-grandaughter of stock
  3. Grandaughter of propose
  4. Daughter of share
  5. Younger sister of partake
  6. Older sister of cost
  7. Sibling of lease
  8. Nephew of gift and exchange
  9. Older cousin of bestow
  10. Younger cousin of par

See also: beauty

Beauty is:

  1. ...
  2. Grand-grandaughter of life
  3. Grandaughter of animal
  4. Daughter of rational
  5. Older sister of moral
  6. Younger sister of ethic
  7. Sibling of fail
  8. Nephew of mental and economical
  9. Older cousin of sense
  10. Younger cousin of stock
  11. Aunt of belief, close and group

  1. Parent of (only dimensions are parents)
  2. Daughter-in-law for dimensions i.e. passional and political of cultural or for analogies

  1. Lend is grandgrandaughter of stock
  2. Beauty is younger cousin of stock
  3. Beauty is grandgrandaunt-in-law of lend