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Add contains the terms of use of a platform.


You can be bee


The vocabulary in the is an original one made up for facilitating the recognizing of standarized roles or practices in the platform.

You can see the nature

You could not register a nickname conflicting with the vocabulary.


Ad is the publisher featuring for shareful offers and plans. The ad is the attachment of the advertised apples.

The ad uploader(s) can edit any data of the ad at anytime

You can

Add as agent

Agent is a user that is the contact of someone else's ad, for the publishing of things by people who don't use the platform themselves directly, and for letting bees having multiple personalities.


Shareful offer is the set of functional and available objects or services inviting to be shareful with the SI. with the SI

Offers are defaultly plain shareful if not any other optional clauses are added.

Offers are red apples


Shareful project is a shareful thing Template:Projected

All advertised projects should be projected shareful offers. Projects are projected plain shareful offers by default.

Projects are green apples


Title should contain a keyword. Description and ontologies are not required.


The description field is a text area for adding more specifications about the offer or plan that may condition the use of the offer (i.e. mediation waiving rights, careful uses guidelines, etc) but are not considered clauses.


Qualification is a 1-100 field for giving quality to the ads. Qualification can be calculated in 10 x 5 parameters.

See the (mediatable)


Ratings are portions of 100 wills given to users for they commenting about someone else qualification or opining by splitting those 100 points among different sections of created set of contents (all ads from a user, different thresholds of an ad, etc.).


+ is for adding additional information to the ads. + should open a modal window for bees chosing keywords and clauses.


Keywords are used for defining type of ads and other type of contents. You can create a keyword in the keywords field, put it just as a title or also in the description with the “#” prefix.

Some further related keywords would be displayed to you depending on your previous selections.


Relation is adding a link to another ad in your ad and comment what that may imply.

Relations are leaves


Projection is an added abstract value keyword to the ad from a list. Projections can be created new freely, commented, rated and flowed.

Shareful projection (or a specified shareful abstract object) is a non-binding unmaterial preference for generating something with the use of a shareful offer.

Projections are flowers

Human values

Human values list is commentable and bees can give points (valoris) to others, and create relations.


Colours is another projections selection list

Shareful clause

Shareful clause are additional conditions for using ads. Clauses resumed in an adjectives list.

On some condition(s):

Other specifications

Other specifications about the use of the ad is helping you further describing the ad.

Shareful specification is additional information explaining the shareful concept or related information about the offer that does not conditionate meaningfully the use of it, i.e. 100 shareful, adding use safety information to a shareful offer, Shareful house invitation.

Categories are trees, and folksonomies are plants


Map is a field for geolocating the ad. Ad publisher would be responsible to deliver the shareful offer to other bees at the estated location(s).

Ad publisher could specify a main location for the ad that shouldn't have transportation costs to be supplied by other bees. Ad publisher could also specify for moveable offers the options to "bring back upon request" and/or the supplying of those transportation costs "before" moving it.

If not "map" selected, the ad is "Transglobal"


Threshold is an option for specifying offered stock(s) (if offer) or a planned needed mass(es) (if project).

When other bees subscribe to a threshold with an estate price they get charged.

Bees can get notified when the stock is ended or when the mass is reached by a message on cc or bcc mail.

If not "ammount" selected, "flow" and "per" fields are not selectable.

If "ammount" selected and no "currency" nor "per" fields selected, is ammount of shasbes.


The price field is for the advertisement of commercial shareful things.

When a price for an offer is stated, the offer become commercial shareful. All benefits coming from commercial shareful offers have to be invested in plans (green apples). Investors can directly give their investments to the plan mediation, which may be not held by the commercial shareful ad offeror.

Priceless ad stands for plain shareful.

Flow uses the caori model for bees choosing different types of flowing.

Virtual conventional currency

Bees can add conventional currency money to some of these bank accounts with their nick. An administrator will get the bank notification and will increase the bee virtual conventional currency account.

Bees can get them returned by giving the virtual conventional currency to the ReturnEuros user, who would recommend you getting your money back, unless a maximum of a 10% transfer charge.

You could exchange virtual conventional currency into other flows, but not the way back.

Ads sharing

Bees can let other bees being editors of their ads.

Ads listings

Ads should be listed around their main trees, combining newest and most % of value.

Ads search

Ads search results should be positioned in listings by the shareful % they reach at the mediatable, newest and by randomness from the tree and other related trees in an equal % quantity, and not more than 50 at each zooming.

Search is zoom

Ads feedback

Ads feedback about unreal or unaccurate data uploaded for the ad should be communicate to the ad mediator, to the network, or through the private contact form for starting a dispute resolution process.



Evility is a bee profile field that tells about their hell historic.


Karmas shows the human values contributions and related flows from the bee.



Sharefulness is a place for bees adding ideas, tricks, habits and flows to projects and abstracts.

This place are the public tasks, and can start to be valued with the 100 wills form.

100 points

Get 100 points of:

  1. sbes
  2. karmas


Evil code

Trustful code is for offering to be sent to hell

You can be evil

See also