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Longitud (o acelaracion) del quanto teseractal = x + 300000 km/s

longitud 0, velocidad 0

(o velocidad negativa porque el quanto teseractal al interctuar con la malla se desacelera, aunque haya establecido que ese instante es velocidad 0)

pantallas de maxwell

entrelazamiento cuantico de las particulas




cf lens

efecto gravitatorio optico

cuanto mide el graviton

Tension no flove acumulada en linea temporal es influjo y multiverso de los no procesados de entre los procesables

destinada malla humana

efecto pigmaleon

campos metamorficos

prporcion aurea


el orden implicado



ruprt scheldrek

string vs mass

tesseract and entropy

This is old stuff

  • Any lower flove flows by letting upper flove to flow down there

  • Flove is viral but fragile, it needs being flown in all dimensions, and not just in some or the upper


Flovic is lovely mystical

Flovic is the lovely expression of the mystical dimension

Flovic is also logic, ethics and metrics for lovely flowing with nature and universe on, while, once and beyond flowing love in whatever dimension, and takes into account past mistic misflows:

Flovic legend

See also

Flove love

Flove love is

  1. the lovely expression of each realm
  2. letting upper realms flow
  3. most needed flow overall

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Flove will

Flove will plays

  1. permanently pumping and bringing love into excesses
  2. estrategickly stopping itself
  3. having varied experiences and peaks of love

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Flove wow

Flove wow is

  1. an integral, light and easily understandable resume (with lovely vanguards) of life
  2. metrics appliable to every kind of life flow (flovic)
  3. any act, pattern or practice that flow floves

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there is an inherent “intention” in any “event” and "realms".