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Sharing, also and most of the times, refers to the joint use of a resource. It can also mean other different things to different people such as:

  • to give
  • to have in common
  • to distribute

Through the sharing practice, the outcome of the agreement could either be:

  1. a small environtment of freedom for interacting with a thing (i.e. let's share the pen, i create freedom for you using it)
    1. a bigger environtment of freedom (i.e. i want to share it with the world)
  2. a meaningful relation (learning through skills sharing)
    1. more quality abstract relations (i.e. shared meaning, i share your opinion)

Sharing creates opportunities for mutual care between people by lowering the implicit authority there is in ownership by expanding its definition (i.e. i am owner, we both can use it). The owner, by the act or the declared fact of being sharing or willing to share her thing (or her ownership rights), is admitting that is not going to use the force on you of asking you for property royalties rights during the experience.

On the other hand, sharing definition tends to rely too much in the owner's subjective interpretation of what is sharing, thus possibiliting the offeror faking the intention or abusing or not acting as promised, hence shareful, for exposing the sharing more clear for both offeror and receiver.

The basic arguments for sharing

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  • Sharing adds meaningfulness to our lives
  • Sharing reduces barriers and help people to unfold their full potential
  • Sharing is an energy-efficient and an easy and reasonable strategy for humans being rich
  • Sharing has the awkward trend to grow through the experiencing of it
  • Kids do naturally share before getting corrupted by adults interpretation of ownership.

Mind sharing

Be careful: There's not always somebody to share with, and we are right thinking that other people could take advantages on us when we are ready to share something, that's why we should moderate our sharings.

-If she is not interested in sharing herself, share it with other sharers.

Be nice: Tending and living being open to share creates the possibility to change (y)our-the world from the first moment you let that vibe being spread inside you.

"A person who does not share is not only selfish, but bitter and alone." - Paulo Coelho

Be rational: Things are out there for being used. By allowing other sharers to use your things, you can maximize development possibilities for those things and other ones from them that they will surely share later. By sharing, we could experience a more social life for a more abundant enjoying than the way proposed by the capitalist scarcitism logic, which is just an appeal to fear fallacy.

Just owner can use it, abandon it or rent it because the glass is maximum half empty.

Let's produce something well worth with this, the glass is minimum half full.

Sharing your energy

  • A new energy-sharist paradigm bases on how to share our energy
  • To share is a response ability towards a more Holistic Self.

Sharing as in give

exchange (fair or unfair)

fair exchange = barter

fair exchange = moderated free barter = sharing



[...] sharing also = free barter = for free = (barter/altruism)

[...] viral for free/sharing = Shareful = public






barter is not moderated free barter. Otherwise sharing will be also = barter.

sharing is not for free

free exchange is not posible because free unfair exchange isn't free


sharing money$ is unfair sharing so is not posible.






sharing/network = metasharing, p2p companion concepts


sharing = meta (moderated) (free) barter




Sharing as in property

sharing money = ok

sharing pain = ok


Fair sharing money or sharing fair money is probably not ok

Fair sharing pain is probably not ok

Sharing fair pain is when your someone who loves you suffers when watching you while the doctor is moving for healing your broken leg.

Fair sharing of fair pain is what's BDSM

Sharing as in values

sharing monogamy = ok

Fair monogamy sharing is on hot discussion