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Bureacracy is law making (or homemade law artingBureaucracy is looking for certain social order and this could be seen as unwished authority by people. Despite that, we believe that we rather expose the authority the most, for it to be lesser violent.

Beyond economy or private property management, there are at least three upper realms. Gaming is probably the basis of culture, so that's why currency is over, game on. Abstract values represented by “how lovely was it done”, or the "why do you want to do that" are more important than the economic "how will we communicate the transfer of materies".

and implicit activity are two upper more important realms than the resources allocation one, the economy ignores or doesn't take into account  (doesn't care about the exercise of specifying wants) and the equivalence any agreement tries reaching (specially in the economy) is also just an imperfect approach, and never a fact of true.

This wiki is a spin-off and is now being quite tidied by an enthusiast wiker mainly, for the infinite growth of this project in whichever way that could come next. save time, read about the wiki itself, or perhaps are you looking for other long ?

Love is normally used for explaining relationing between people that has an inherent exclusivity (fear and authority) whether is a couple, a family or a god. There is no wiki around using love as its main ontological concept that challenges the authoritarian harm that some people is doing when using the word love. Barter is one the poor showcases from wikipedia compared to how present it is in our daily doings, and there were not barter types in any referential wiki around either. Shareful was not at wikipedia nor were nowhere else clearer efforts than that in defining a sharing grammar while love, social currencies, or sharing practices are operating already since humankind exists, and are getting more sofisticated in the present days in either in a bad and good way regardless of attention to its sources. We want to learn from the good ways and sofisticate them even more, to make them more clear for whoever wants to get the profit of it. By doing so, we will leave less space for the bad practices endorsed with the love, sharing or barter words to happen.