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  1. Grammar components specification for the automatic definition of every keyword
  2. Different, reduced and strict hierarchical relations between every keyword
  3. A praexologic evolutionary process expressing how energy comes and goes across limited and interconnected dimensions with the teleologic intention of going to the more heuristic paedeutic energy: flove

Life faith can rely in flove in many ways:

  1. vitalism (flove is life)
    1. antropocentrism (human is lovely animal, life is life)
    2. animism (nature is a part of life, gaia)
    3. flexible (abio)genesis (someone or not created life and flove)
      1. Casual (luckily we have flove)
      2. Architect (same guide for life and flove)
      3. Pancomputationalism (universe created flove, gravity might be panspermic flove)
  2. universalism
    1. Reductionist (heuristic hermeneutics for past, present and future floves)
    2. Universal grammar, logic and rethorics (flove language, process, life phrases)
    3. Killer app (, etc)
  3. Mergy: (flove is all, all is life, wordy life)

Life faith futurologies can be viewed as:

  1. Complexity scalability (flove has scales and difficulties)
    1. Predicted (See evolve, last bureaucracy)
    2. Unexpected (who knows what the future flove)
    3. Decreasing (flove will drive us too much)
  2. Quantum (flove affects time)
    1. Eternal (flove will last beyond end)
    2. Hot paradigm (flove is key for whatever future, we are in the flove era)
    3. Apocalitic (flove ended history, jevons paradox)
  3. Underworlds
    1. Non-existant (Flove doesn't change the after-death)
    2. Existant (Flove has a paradise)
    3. Active (Flove is the paradise)

Life theist faith can be:

  1. pluritheism (there are many floves)
    1. nontheist (flove is life, what underlines "life" or nothing)
      1. atheist (flove is not even an outer vibration)
      2. paganist (flove is light, dark, both together and else)
      3. moral nihilism (flove didn't live)
  2. politeism (i like some floves)
    1. panteist (flove is the postpositivist monist substance)
      1. pandeist (new dying mother void creates or created new lifes)
      2. telelogic panteism (flove is also destiny)
    2. multitheism (flove, light, source and else are equal floves)
    3. Henotheism (flove is the best of their copies)
  3. monotheism (flove as in flove)
    1. outer theism (flove or a such comes from broader than flove and upper than universal)
    2. orthodox science (life is light and dark, love may exist but flove doesn't exist)
    3. catastrophism (flove matbe, but rarely anything could save life from an end)

Etiology, axioms,

Anything which is not painful and it is expressed with maximum meaningfulness, minimum message length and minimum learning curve has a high universal acceptability potential

monist, vitalist,

distributed life view maker

universal grammar research,

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