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What loves

Love is void and we have a main lovic doing 1-100 % ratings splitted into different parameters which is also shown with more friendly questions, while also having other lovics.

Lovics are useful for taxing actual contextual harm and for requiring or preferenting actions with some rating of love. We have additional codes having some love specific rating if they are fulfilled, i.e. a free project or a shareful thing have 50% of love or more.

What action

Overflowing in lower realms is not as lovely as flowing in upper ones (see talk)

What communication

More communication of comuners, comunas, freed, shareful and barter offerings.

What else we have

We have this wiki where most of the project code is expressed.

What we want

We want help all specifying wants and achieving the lovelier personal and common ones:

flow love flove

We all have wants that could be wanted by all, so for creating a comuna (commons project), please publish also some public tasks.

What offering

If an exchange has a governing influence of subjects, code, cult and wants we can code exchanges for letting love flowing in these upper realms during the exchange itself. The same logic can apply to any of the other type of flow.

Nevertheless: What is the art of nature? How gamer is the universe?

Objects offering=

We are making a big artistic effort in coding the exchange realm, there is some in coding sharing, and there is little in coding gift.

We coded exchange with barter, free barter and other types of specified exchanges. Caori protocols could get to be botoris, and we could fund and pre-federate botoris that exchange whichever objects at anytime with anyone who would invest in shared and gifted objects (i.e. comunactoin, jobs)

We coded sharing with shareful. The most gifty sharing way is freed shareful.

We coded gift with freed shareful.

Subjects offering

We code personal subjects with comuner.

We code grupal subjects with comuna, and their sections.

We code the global subject with comunaction.org.

What else

We are distributing offerorship

We are distributing trust

We are distributing choice

We can document and play with values

Up to the universal taxonomy always

The latino feminist open domain liberada.net with its freed shareful love and sectors activity aggregation capability

More soon....