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Floves modelling

If you view anything lovely in life, it should be easy for you to place it in any of the limited lovely expressions of life - flove(.org)

As lower the layer (and or lovely keyword in it) is, the more concrete should be modelling of the proposed actions. For the more upper layers, probably is enough to do only a proper abstract theorizing of it.

Flove models defaults

Choose a dimension (or lovely keyword), see an inviting phrase to perform an action within it, edit it, save and/or send it (to a friend, network, etc)

Each flove (lovely expression - keyword) has a definitory short phrase (logically-automatically made) inviting to some action related to it. Any of the words of the phrase refer to some set of specific clauses that can be selected for that part of the action. Anyone can add their specific wills or additional information to the default lovely action-pharse and produce another outcome (or more custom phrase - action).

Partial floves

Whatever culture, big or small action: get a part of flove for you.

Flove expressions (tools, etc) can be offered in a simpler or partial version of the whole flove model, or with custom bundles that are mixing parts of different models (i.e. evil code, etc). The partial apps could be distributed independently, but it also makes more perfect sense every partial app also to be as a launcher of other partial apps.