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Hoot does have some advantatges over normal barter:

  1. Extends negotitation posibilities.
    1. Give peers freedom in deciding which degree of relevance the hoot has between them. (i.e. i want invest for you in that project because i like they are implementing the 100 wills, a proper taxation and diverting posibilities for investments, you can still choose which part to develop there)
  2. Incentivates the buyer to buy (generates economic activity). Gives the buyer a more confident purchasing perspective by making transparent to the buyer what that move is going to do.
    1. Decreases the especulation possibility (see more below) without decreasing the savings (acumulation) posibility.
    2. Gives buyer additional caring right and responsability for the future in the purchase. (Buyer has to wish something to be done, while refusing other things that won't be done)
      1. Fosters competition (incentivates) having more commons orientated projects between peers (because the buyer is interested in using the future thing to be developed by the seller and he could use it if it's shareful-commons).
  3. Allow the buyer to hint on the seller values, hence increases quality of communication (i.e. I think it's more important you focus in your want number 5 than in your want number 1)

The Hoot's clausule brings a solution for solving the speculation and obscureness issue that most currencies have when allowing users to store (freeze) their positives.

Demurrage was the classical solution for overcoming this issue, but with this new solution (i.e. hoots), some new pending issues still show up:

  1. The one with the more currency will decide where to head it to and will produce slavery in the receivers. Semiwrong: You are the one who publishes your wants and you could refuse accepting currency for (some of) your wants too.
  2. Could we not save hoots for projects which need some critical ammount for launching them?. Semiwrong: Estate publickly how much currency you need for launching next projects stages, including where it could be diverted to if that critical mass you estated for that is not achieved later.
  3. Should i pass (transfer) it to the receiver's supplier or to the supplier of the receiver's supplier directly?. It depends on the involved peers' communication resources context. The quicker flowing hoots, the hooter.
    1. What is the maximum delay i could have before transfering it to someone else?

See some hoot cases, and it's better orientated standarized divertings: Converted by delay

If that project don't reach the resources critical mass for that time, the investment should be shaed.

If shas flow too slow, they can become sharma

You could convert hoot shas into karmis but you should not do it the way back.

If kormas flow too slow, they should become gorma.

Gorma should not be convertable into korma. korma should not be convertable in karmis nor into any kind of shaed flow nor into currencioris and so.