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Values act as a latent call for doing in a certain direction[0].

Value definition it's (been) historickly associated to human values (virtues) by philosophers [1] and to material things (wealth) by the economists[2], without merging both views much.

The need for a quality-quantity-beauty[3] meassurement-evaluating is proposed to be solved here in this rant with (less) shareful(ler) in x category[4].

This axiologic rant proposes solving the rivalness in the human vs material dualizing and the good/bad dicotomy[5] with the worth(-ier, -iest). It also proposes including a sharingness degree as a necesary parameter at each evaluation[6].

Worth sharing could serve us for making other popular conceptualizations like money, property, social, psicology, philosophy, ethics, economics, interesting deal, god and so redundant for gaming about what's worth in human life.