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Why is first child of trascendence

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Why flove

Because it is a good name for the thing that is moving everything (or all we can view).

For physics is "universal tension" or singularity, for poets is god or the unknown and for all of us is the notion of lovely or really good (or not too bad really).

Flove is merging these trends in one single concept: Flove, the flow of love.

Why flove is real

We can experience flove at many different times in our life. Whether at swapping things with others or at having an internal joy, there is a common flove at both, joy is a parent flove when swapping because there is a way to get joy when swapping.

Flove was out there since the beginning of it all, and flove is where we always want to get to, despite misses and manias. Get to view flove, so we can more easily make it happen often.

Why life (as title)?

For humans being more integrated with the rest of events, facts, experiences... Flove is its first "active" parent in it.

Life is a process ranking parts of energy vibrating in dimensions

World is natural excess coming from cave going to eco having earth as light sibling.

World is also child of space and parent of weak

See: Life vs World

Why a life view?

Since we are animals (or humans), we all view life.
Our acts can be coded and framed within a (de)ontological system, the more or less ordered.
The lighter and more coded modularity for any life view, the flover.

Why reducting a life view?

For viewing how all is connected and approach their complexities.
For worrying less about how the big or main picture is ordered.
For having a deeply meaningful conversation with someone else.
For having a more wise rigour (while still being an empiric approach) for you and for it being understood by others.

See lifes for other ways to express it.

"A world view is crucial for the total order of a human mind[...] and it is the third mind cleaning and purification introductory practice that i recommend [...] because:

-Such this special meditative research about mind nature and its phenomena ends up with the tireless mental zeal of thinking and researching and its dependence on concepts, analising and its endless referring. So it wakes up a personal achievement of getting to feel void's nature

-If such view could encourage the individuals to do a conciousness transformation, and so influence society, it will return to our world the living interconnection sense and meaning that it so desperately needs --- Sogyal Rimpoche"

Why this life view?

Triads are the simplest way, within all the complex ones, to do taxonomies.
Life categories can be expressed with a vertical column and a horizontal one that create coordenates for vibrations
A flover life view needs a process with ranks descriptions expressing how to get from any vibration to another upper or lower (This should provide the basic grammar tools for making automatic keywords definitions and semantic relations loops: familiy, flove language - life phrases)
(Remaining broad questions left unreplied will be approached with axioms, etiology and faith)

Why such names?

To bring maximum meaning, mininum learning curve and message length.
To integrate parts of related vocabularies (common, scientific, key trends).
New names (or forks) are for easily suggesting new wanted flovy trends.

Why these names?

Improved terminology:
Wiser than
life title, world, universe, flove, set theory, unique begineer
view meaning, biology, heterophenomenology, set, observable
automate flove algorithms, ontology, grammars of life, universal grammar research,
debate consensuate, high universal acceptability, discuss
adapt past reviewer, distributed life viewer,
process science, empirism, dynamics, god did/does
rank relative linear hierarchy, non-hierarchical, flexible axiology
childs and siblings categories and direct relatives,
dimensions and vibrations output main categories and items, keywords, concepts
triad dual, free listings
set resume, introductionless and postcriptless system, overviewless and annexeless system

Wiser than
void pandeism, present master, creator, god
flove universal love, monist/vitalist substance, god
lovely Realer, pure, divine, holy, good, beautiful, worth, positive, fair, nice, reasonable, ethical, deontological, god
faith unknown, entropy management, not observable, tale
mental cognitive, subconscious, soul, mygod
passional drive, thrive, predator
cultural test, chunk, memory
wise knowledge, power
political mechanical, automatic brain decission making
rational conscious,
rate metric, evaluation-quantifying-qualifying
Economical physical, material
offer invite, property, offerable and not offerable
mean resource, asset

Why an antropocentered view?

Because humans are its main intended audience. i.e.

"We humans are the more lovely animals-forms" combined with "we are not the only life" is the loveliest way to, as humans, keep caring the more our upper (natural) dimension.

Why is it not wishful, obsessed or personally biased?

See more:

Author disclaimer:

Coco is a human-person (hi!) who is evolving flove documentation very much with some other people found along his nomad way of life. He has further specified each flove through one mindmap representing a software powered form, for thereafter launch such interactive platforms through flove.org subdomains.

The models expressed up to now (as happening with the “life set”) are b(i)ased by the strategic implementation view (aesthetical heuristics willing to be consensual-natural-universal about what has maximum meaning, minimum message lenght and minimmum learning curve) of one person: coco.

Obviously and nevertheless, this is only an initial one-man-work, so it is not a final one-man-show (see you!)

Despite all that, this life view and this etiology are still wishful





Source Evolve Express Lovely _ Far Excess Twist Lack
1 Universal length motion load flow _ full god stress end
1.1 Vital tension function coherence alive _ tune destiny limbo finite
1.2 ` Intentional focus enigma hint pure _ diversity will karma infinite
1.3 Perfectional supersimmetry scalar superposition stable _ dynamic omniverse singularity multiverse
2 Natural radiation light energy real _ exist entropy dark void
2.1 Architectural holon polar vortex harmony _ equilibrium pseudo-equilibrium non-equilibrium chaos
2.1.1 Foundational implode matrix constant rise _ create expand inflation vacuum
2.1.2 Positional radial orbit vector center _ peripheral atom bloat lost
2.1.3 Programational sequence frequency modulation shift _ potential probability interference collapse
2.2 Transformational calibrate isomorphic velocity form _ trascend impedance mess corrupt
2.2.1 Reciprocal equivalence retrograde iterate constant _ complementary collide unobservable issolate
2.2.2 Musical tone rythm acoustics vibration _ resonance cymatics noise disrupt
2.2.3 Chemical property concentration complex substance _ thermic temperature dissipation dissapear
2.3 Observational fuzzy prism fractal intract _ react blurry vague opaque
2.3.1 Material soil gas fluid plasma _ solid viscous foam aether
2.3.2 Temporal quantum entanglement leap mesh _ field eternity incoherence nothing
2.3.3 Spatial horizon attraction charge wave _ density mass gravity hole
3 Biological reveal connect channel agency * _ presence adapt weak death
3.1 Formal organism organ vegetal animal _ human bacteria virus inmortality
3.1.1 Genetical RNA DNA mithocondria genome _ phenotype unique silencer ill
3.1.2 Neural nerve synapsis memory emphasis _ analogy victim madness pain
3.1.3 Cellular metabolism protein aminoacid soul _ body inmune crisis age
3.2 Relational poiesis memesis simbiosis aware * _ fit split damage suffer
3.2.1 Sensorial smell listen flavour touch _ view belong disguise disregard
3.2.2 Sensual hormone gland meridian stimulate _ transmit somatic danger poison
3.2.3 Sexual lineage flirt integrate hug _ orgasm reject rape extinct
3.3 Emotional excitement interest sign subtle * _ hope * desire anxiety vice
3.3.1 X Mental abstract design concretize guess * _ imagine * overflow disflow misflow x Passional need feel want love _ wish zeal rage fear f Experimental play lexicon communication joy _ fun flaw sorrow bore m Operational idea balance code wise _ care core worry fight
3.3.2 F Rational beauty reason consciouss accept * _ rate * mania calculus fail xx Personal self belief identity be *


true * rate deny fake Spiritual connect imitate myth vow _ faith religion dogma offend Aesthetical bliss recall art nice _ taste critic troll flame Logical ground guide frame right _ rigour cage abuse absolute xf Local empathy synchrony simpathy trustful * _ peace perturb rival hate Environtmental domesticate match compromise kind _ charm despair paranoia depredate Terrestrial mate friend family equal _ intim defend enemy disregard Grupal trait actual experiential close _ companion known clan class Territorial country region homestead relative _ neighbour foreign strange homeless Tactical now adjust efficient prefer _ convenient speculate miss worsen Optimal active favorable accurate meaningful _ adequate competent antagonist pasive Original hot easy match warm _ challenge catch difficult cold Special let persuade induce convince _ comply dominate submission reject Ethical dignity honour respect pleasant _ cool pride upset insult Normal aproach pragma course habit _ hobby curse mandatory miss Cultural role character behave adore _ admire spoil folklore guilt Political attention mediate responsive skill _ sharp responsible rigid paralisis xm Social articulate network redistribute free * _ fair terms imped force Technical law judge police order _ enforce army terrorism anarchy Analitical raw info data content _ stat cyber cypher spam Adaptational run interpret patch hack _ flaw bug exploit crack Academical proof fact sample standard _ format example false wishful Estrategical project target uthopy plan _ roadmap disthopy crash crunch Perpetual example method way open _ available construct secret closed Mutual epic heaven duty common _ given clean hell pitty Ideal important promote capacity value _ virtue urgent defect banal Moral power publicity declare promote _ propose access censor oppress Philosophical context discourse domain foresee _ predict yard dialectic static Consensual permit just grant agree _ consent sign bad obligate Legal rule control safeguard protect _ possess law jail punish
3.3.3 xxx Economical resource allocate stock do * _ get use posses owner xxx Extractional find mine stuff eco * _ compensated thing pollute hide xxf Mechanical merge collaborate produce craft _ bring create work destroy xxm Deal estate invite convey offer * _ license * market swindle fiat xh Gift give bestow contribute freed * _ favor donate expect loss fh Lend cost let share shareful * _ partake * lease rent usury mh Exchange price par benefit swap * _ credit money lucre steal xg Negotiation claim bundle bid tacit _ cheap liberty lobby rigid fg Channel deed bond brand ori _ botori currency debt bank mg Transfer sell pay buy direct * _ flevy fee commerce business