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Wowwiki is for developing wiki wows!.

We are editing here about the meaning of life in its broader sense, and also about smaller pages like rants, pranks or whatever needed neologism or evolutive post wows up. The more cuted wiki wows are further evolved with mindmaps, that should specify other more interactive platforms to be launched at some point.

Most of all documentation present in is aimed for helping the project and its siblings (i.e., etc).

This way could just be a lightweight and more interactive platform that is referencing to some of the broad wowwiki definitions, as whatever other project could do anytime they want.

Disclaimer1: is not related at all to the World Of Warcraft wiki or game.

Where is wowwiki coming from is a mediawiki powered website currently hosting 2,211 articles at server. Most of the articles come from coco's work on other 7 previous wikis. Because of that, you can expect to find some outdated pages kept here, because he is too lazy to delete or update them...

What to define

Defining things such as life, love or flow is a big reductivity aim (see metatalk about it). We are also editing here in depth specific wows that are not well documented enough in any other platform yet.

How to define

Definitions are expressed in its shortest way first, creating phrases very much axiomatic-friendly i.e.

Life is a process ranking parts of energy vibrating in dimensions

Flow is lovely universal coming from bring going to universal void, and is parent of all lovelies

Flove is first child of energy coming from light and dark, (maybe) going to broader than flove and parent of print, lovely and far lovely

Love is lovely passional coming from want, going to passional void, child of subtle and parent of joy

Lovely is first frequency of flove coming from express and going to void

Barter is lovely exchange: subjects freely negotiating and accepting value equivalence of objects offering and direction

Longer versions, copies or different views on the default main definition can be found below, in its talk page or at other accesory pages linked from there.

All used words end up referencing its parents and some parents, like at every epistemology, finally rely on external sources (i.e. wikipedia or finally the dictionary and etimology).

How to title pages

Titles are in singular, but categories titles and pages exposing the concept further with related accessory resources should be in plural (i.e. lifes)

Getting deeper into lovely definitions

Every lovely flow has to have its love, will and wise well defined. So for extending the definition of a lovely flow (i.e. shareful), we are creating shareful love, shareful will and shareful wise chapters with 3 other childs at each matching the Light phases, where shareful need is the first phrase of shareful love definition, shareful feel the second and shareful want the third.

How to create neologisms

We improve actual concepts with many neologisms. Their morphology is made up combining some logical actual known and related concept with an own original aesthetic (and logical) addition. i.e.

hoot because is very hot (and kind of a clasical hoot)
koop because it is a radical coop
ori because is the best acronym for 1 hour that can be used as sufix for coding different currencic models backed with hours i.e.gamori

Ideal wiki taxonomy

This wiki shouldn't have any uncategorized, unused or wanted pages, files, categories nor templates. It may have some unused categories, that should be seen as a stub for a taxonomic bottom depth.

All pages are categorized the less, and we use the keyword other in many categories for creating a hierarchy between what is more or less relevant for our documenting aim here. We also have an additional tags wiki category for freely categorizing.

How to edit pages

We welcome editors to contribute their knowledge to this project, but they have to be manually added by an actual administrator, and find by themselves how to contact him. The help page might help you get started with the mediawiki editing format.

Other languages

For languages different than english, there's the other languages category or you could ask for getting a subdirectory (i.e. with a specific database for your language or set it up in a domain in your language. We can provide you hosting for that if you wish.

See also

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