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In this research, the focus is on improving a designer's capability to determine near-optimal sizes of components for a given system architecture. Component sizing is a hard problem to solve because of the presence of competing objectives, requirements from multiple disciplines, and the need for finding a solution quickly for the architecture being considered. In current approaches, designers rely on heuristics and iterate over the multiple objectives and requirements until a satisfactory solution is found. Solving the component sizing problem in an efficient manner so that all of the imposed requirements are satisfied simultaneously and the solution obtained is mathematically optimal. In particular, an acausal, algebraic, equation-based, declarative modeling approach is taken to solve component sizing problems efficiently. This is because global optimization algorithms exist for algebraic models and the computation time is considerably less as compared to the optimization of dynamic simulations. In this thesis, the mathematical programming language known as GAMS (General Algebraic Modeling System) and its associated global optimization solvers are used to solve component sizing problems efficiently.

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