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Flove.org is a project for a more interactive lovely life.

This table show the actual state of interactive implementations of flove. Feel free to extend

app web mindmap Lovely Far lovely mindmap web app
1. Universal mm flow _______ ________ interact mm
2. Natural real tesla mm
3. Animal mm human leap mm
3.1 Mental mm view faith
3.1.1 Passional love wish
3.1.2 Cultural joy fun
3.1.3 Political wise care
3.2 Rational mm rate true mm
3.2.1 Personal mm be accept mm
3.2.2 Local mm trustful peace
3.2.3 Social mm free fair
3.3 Economical mm make use mm
3.3.1 Material mm get store
3.3.2 Mechanical create bring
3.3.3 Deal mm offer invite mm Gift mm freed favor Sharing mm shareful partake mm Exchange mm swap credit Negotiation tacit bid Channel ori botori Transfer mm direct _________ _________ flevy

VIP: see also: hot projects for a better life viewer

Floves modelling

If you view anything lovely in life, see where to place it it flove(.org), it should be easy.

Flove models defaults

Choose a dimension (or lovely keyword), see an inviting phrase, edit, save and/or send it (to a friend, network, etc)

Navigating floves through phrases

Each flove has a definitory short phrase inviting to some lovely action related to it. Anyone can add their specific wills or additional information to the lovely action and produce another outcome (or more custom phrase) with it.

Partial floves

Whatever culture, get a part of flove for you.

Flove expressions (tools, etc) can be offered in a simpler or partial version of the flove model or with custom bundles (i.e. evil code, etc) that are mixing parts of different models.

Floves posible implementation platforms

Flove should be developed into some API(s) for a more optimal networking through

web, mobile app
videogame (exporting results)
embed, sindicate, etc

See also

Authory disclaimer

Author disclaimer:

Coco is a human-person (hi!) who is evolving flove documentation very much with some other people found along his nomad way of life. He has further specified each flove through one mindmap representing a software powered form, for thereafter launch such interactive platforms through flove.org subdomains.

The models expressed up to now (as happening with the “life set”) are b(i)ased by the strategic implementation view (aesthetical heuristics willing to be consensual-natural-universal about what has maximum meaning, minimum message lenght and minimmum learning curve) of one person: coco.

Obviously and nevertheless, this is only an initial one-man-work, so it is not a final one-man-show (see you!)

"All the evolution we know of proceeds from the vague to the definite. --- C. S. Pierce"