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This is a post about the making of flove.

The project innerly started in the hot summer of 2007/8 reviewing philosophical papers about theories of value, with exciting bits but with quite poor sets, axiologically speaking.

I made my first own linear triad hierarchy:

1-meta (actually is universe, nature and biological),
2-high (actually is rational),
3-low (actually is economical).

And 3 depths for each, all for justifying a definition of barter! (the lower "realm", actually is Exchange: swap is lovely exchange).

Then the specific systemic work about swapping was postponed for some years, and i flown to care for more specific fields, such the higher dimension of exchange: sharing, where I got deeper into shareful (lovely sharing).

I was starting to realise that the economic bits were guided by more or less communal codes of conducts, existentiality, etc,. The sensation of having them not yet all well ordered, push(ed) new ideas popping sometimes, but constantly, for connecting them all in a simpler way.

In march 2014, thanks to consecutive dreams i was having in one of many wanderings, i got the light of connecting my 2009 research on theories of communication within a whole table, and though of no better word than flove as a foundational starter. Flove.org was first rented as an initial present to me from a special friend two months after... (he died two years later..)

The flove set itself was intermitently evolved the following 2 years, but only got their first robust specifications of natural and universal dimensions in late 2016, thanks to me getting to know closer the physics layers, which made me consolidate the table much more, and more specially, guided me to develop a more grounded theory. The flove theory in a book has been my main development target from 2017. I hope it will make flove even easier to get, and through the closer explaining of more abstract bits i hope to gather further interest for building a team to create the more concrete, easy and gamy interactive applications that will entangle it all in a more coherent and close way.

There is not yet a further demo than the book, wiki, specificational mindmaps or the website documentation, so enjoy, we will see where we get to!