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Life is a process ranking parts of energy vibrating in dimensions (help)





Source Evolve Express Lovely _ Far Excess Twist Lack
1 Universal active change bring flow _ surf stress static final
1.1 Vital activate motion tension femenine _ masculine god limbo ultimate
1.1.1 Foundational lentgh novel rise emerge _ create generate accident end
1.1.2 Intentional will design drive merge _ tune destiny dark void
1.1.3 Processual progress develop simultaneous converge _ complement paralel retrograde break
1.2 Relational connect automate determinism harmony _ equilibrium pseudo-equilibrium non-equilibrium chaos
1.2.1 Enigmatical mantain stable mistery unknowable _ unknown accident secret dissapear
1.2.2 Imitational compare adopt simulate dynamic _ reproduce emulate abandon obsolete
1.2.3 Transformational set fix ensemble pattern _ evolution rank erase singularity
1.3 Perfectional part branch diverse simple _ complex exagerate error none
1.3.1 Precisional supersimmetry scalar superposition unite _ separate omniverse multiverse asymmetry
1.3.2 Architectural unity pair triad plural _ dual issolate unlike random
1.3.3 Programational holon polar vortex constant _ current tesseract appart outer
2 Natural matrix light energy real _ positive entropy luck karma
2.1 Fundamental issue subject object essence _ substance thing almighty confusion
2.1.1 Observational fuzzy prism find intract _ react blurry vague opaque Detectional notice vary get clear _ clean issolate doubt miss Attentional reveal assume hint deep _ seek ilussion fiction dismiss Perceptional validate understand sight mean _ learn falsiable infalsiable false
2.1.2 Temporal quantum entangle momentum mesh _ leap differ tunnel nothing Global appear aggregate pace phase _ timeline due degradate ephemeral Actual sudden option chance now _ present opportunity postpone crunch Artificial origin cycle history eternal _ linear era loop absence
2.1.3 Spatial horizon event charge wave _ density mass gravity hole Total landscape bound size load _ full whole boundary empty Microscopical neutron proton electron particle _ atom field bosson antimatter Macroscopical content container broad infinite _ cosmos abroad unobserved alien
2.2 Formal quark manifold string shape _ shell superstring darkmatter vacuum
2.2.1 Elemental entity type range layer _ dimension rank contrary ghost Positional vertice graph node center _ peripheral zone black lost Reciprocal localize junct reflect hybrid _ lattice correspondence disjunct delocalize Structural spectrum coordinate coherence nuclear _ distribute decoherence distort revert
2.2.2 Directional trajectory transport movement pull _ push alternate wander lose Inertial filter bend conductance deaccelerate _ accelerate impedance curve stop Refractional angular geodesy tangent spin _ radial tranverse centripetal linear Reflectional point vector path axis _ coord circuit centrifugal crash
2.2.3 Material soil plasma matter magnetic _ electric fluid viscous foam Geometrical image trace spiral fractal _ torus sphere plain empty Musical tone rythm acoustic vibrate _ resonate cymatic noise disrupt Chemical property valence thermic magic _ miracle temperature dissipate dissolve
2.3 Mechanical swift medium formula cause _ effect meassure apparatus force
2.3.1 Functional expose correct decorate derivate _ regulate disturb defect impose Analitical raw info data integral _ trend stat mess spam Qualitational good pretty relevant best _ better spoil ugly bad Quantitational big huge great amazing _ awesome brutal pitty crazy
2.3.2 Implosional attract absorb accumulate inner _ concentrate exceed suck repulse Phenomenal scope context explain foresee _ predict reduct yard eliminate Theoretical reach focus discourse posible _ probable odd absurd imposible Practical test regular evidence certain _ exact rigid critic overload
2.3.3 Expansional graph increment grow able _ enable escape inflate explode Computational run command patch hack _ flaw bug exploit crack Physical sequence modulation frequency shift _ paradigm calibrate interfere collapse Mathematical conjecture hypothesis axiom principle _ equation theorem paradox oax
3 Biological alive tissue metabolism agency * _ presence organism exit death
3.1 Organical cell protein aminoacid thrive _ strive duct age hurt
3.1.1 Anatomical embryon bond compound compose _ vertebrate skeleton bacteria virus Connectional eukaryot membrane mithocondria nucleus _ cytoplasm germ pathogen disease Genetical genome DNA herit go _ unique ancestor silencer injury Epigenetical phenotype RNA lively return _ inmune survive starve suicide
3.1.2 Physiological alert exponent homeostasis sentient _ magnify brain opponent inert Nerval axon fiber tract afferent _ efferent duct pathology pain Neural memory synapsis tube analogy _ emphasis crest madness anxiety Hormonal secrete receive circulate relay _ amplify transport hold breakdown
3.1.3 Morphological dimorphic genital gender soul _ body queer hermafrodite asexual Vegetal chloroplast photosyntesis cellulose spore _ flower lignin kin niche Animal anaeroby breath eat gland _ mammal depredate inflamate deform Sapiental meridian erect dexter talent _ human neoteny regress unbalance
3.2 Communicational abundant message symbol sign _ meme spam hurt scarce
3.2.1 Sensorial taste cautious align touch _ view belong danger poison Emotional involve affect enlighten intense _ extense manipulate hijack deceive Sensual introspect influence stimulate excite _ transfer somatize disguise disregard Sexual extrospect flirt wank orgasm _ transmit fuck abuse explode
3.2.2 Mental attach interest bias lead * _ true * discover forget vice Existential think sample example subtle _ hope belief deny fake Experiential need desire want love _ wish zeal rage fear Experimental play enjoy feel joy _ fun flaw sorrow bore Explorational idea balance code wise _ care core worry fight Internal poiesis memesis simbiosis aware * _ fit split damage suffer Sensational dare sane greet cheer _ like greed poison danger Interpretational forge agile tender cute _ feed nurture tight split Psicological identify purpose pursue select _ choose quest idiocy anxiety External abstract draw concretize guess * _ imagine * overflow disflow misflow Operational basis approach commit act _ perform polite delete purge Adaptational comply persuade induce convenient _ adequate dominate submission risk Behavioural aptitude attitude diligence improve _ enhance conflict strike boycott
3.2.3 Rational specify reason consciouss accept * _ rate * mania calculus mistake Personal self egolatry selfsteem be * _ single * selfish narcisim psychopathy Trascendental serve cult divine pure _ depurate ghost master absolute Passional impulse fantasy dream intend _ expect mission gregarious disfavor Spiritual paradise worship confess faith _ sacred religion dogma hell Intelectual myth speech inteligence smart _ perform skeptic troll flame Aesthetical bliss recall fine nice _ beautiful fetish inflate saturate Inspirational open motivate viral fresh _ charm contagiate depress shut Artistical drift artifact method style _ way version weapon hostile Reputational mention account prestige merit _ fame status assault crime Logical ground guide frame right _ rigour cage abuse absolute Referential proof fact standard stand _ format static false wishful Propositional release incite suggest manifest _ goal imply forbid terror Constructional type archetype bundle humble _ honest bloat rare pitty Local empathy synchrony synergy trust * _ peace simpathy rival hate Environtmental instinct domesticate compromise kind _ affect civilizate savage depredate Special trait mutate lineage equal _ close race disregard extinct Grupal known friend family intimate _ mate companion enemy gang Territorial homestead class region relative _ neighbour nation foreign strange Tactical flexible adjust efficient quick _ prefer affect perturb worsen Optimal competent favorable addon match _ basic accesory pasive off Original hot easy warm new _ challenge catch difficult cold Potential surprise inflexion peak wow _ edgy extreme geek freak Ethical dignity honour respect pleasant _ cool pride deception insult Educational teach pragma course habit _ hobby curse mandate misguide Cultural role character tradition adore _ admire folklore spoil defeat Political let mediate responsive skill _ sharp responsible rigid paralize Social articulate network norm free * _ fair terms imped force Organizational prevent secure settle cohesion _ resolve arbitrate ban violence Consensual permit consent just agree _ convince reject obligate crime Contactual shelter assist join embrace _ engage depend perjudicate trap Contractual claim disclaim promise access _ allow prescribe reject dismantle Estrategical defend target uthopy plan _ convenient disthopy plot offend Ideal important promote capacity value _ virtue grace defect banal Mutual cooperate collabore duty common _ given compassion taint compete Projectional pretend target concern advance _ achieve expect obsses guilt Moral power publicity declare promote _ propose press censor oppress Constitutional represent protect law order _ formalize convention punish jail Administrational rule control safeguard enforce _ federate circumvent burden fall Institutional vote moderate reform private _ public revolt execute army
3.3 Economical resource allocate redistribute do * _ use posses speculate owner
3.3.1 Productional tool innovate device keep _ manage stuff margin trash Extractional mine store preserve compensate * _ restore restitute pollute expoliate Manufactural build artisan work make _ craft job slave destroy Servicial brand invite convey offer * _ license * market consume capital
3.3.2 Technical available request notate note _ acomplish beg hide dispose Negotiational estate marketing ad tacit _ cheap bid lobby boss Convertional deed bond firm ori _ cash currency fiat money Deal sell pay buy direct * _ flevy fee debt swindle
3.3.3 Beneficial warrant condition clause get _ acquire premium bribe rob Altruistical give contribute gift freed * _ favor donate bill loss Communal cost crew lend share * _ partake * lease hire usury Commercial price benefit exchange swap * _ credit earn lucre monopolize


See why

This life view is more easy to debate, adapt and extend than others (see it full).

For more interactive tools, see the project

"Life must be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward" -- Soren Kierkegaard

Main axioms

Higher or lower ranked (f)loves (flows) are (always) vibrating more or less intensevely but equivalently in the (limited) layers of life through a certain simultaneous evolvable processing of bright and shade.

Bright vibrates more flove if less sibling shade and more upper floves vibrate along

We can't vibrate all bright in all dimensions at once and this causes shades to be redeemed (evolving them to be less shady)

We have vibrating manias based in our gender, personal history, cultural and social influences and more specially based in present shade we view not being redeemed in our local and global environtment

Lovely (and far lovely) are flove heuristic deontologies while print (the highest flove) is still only a part of a perceptual faith

Science is (still, only) (descriptive) code that easily vibrates truth. But science will never view-know-code it all and missed or remaining truths will rely on faith. So science is useful for extending (making more lovely) the (normal universal, natural, human) experiencing of faith, the highest experienceable free will, within a deterministic framework (needed for the stability of the whole).

"All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. --- Albert Einstein"


Process is first child of life expressing how energy will be vibrating in dimensions

Process axioms

Vibrations flow through ranks . (We humans view it as a multitrack process, in permanent editorial revision where we have the will to disflow for experimenting its varieties)

Bright goes to flove, and then leaves a print

Flove forms bright sources in its lower layer

The more bright source as higher flove has been

The more bright source, the less lack shade and the more possible evolution

The more bright evolution, the less twist shade and the more possible expression

The more bright expression, the less excess shade and the more possible lovely and far lovely expressions

Otherwise, actual twisted shade will go to lack instead of going to excess and far lovely. This would make lower flows flowing shader because of this upper shade vibration, and will cause an acceleration for the expression of equivalent brightness starting to be felt in such shadier body, which if refused will come to be expressed through other related or far bodies to the shady ones.

See more: process phrases

"Life is an offensive, directed against the repetitious of the Universe" -- A. Whitehead

Rank axioms

Rank is second child of life parent of hierarchy, taxonomy and modularity

Ranks are expressed by comparing the position of concepts within the whole view: upper, broader and-or most wanted or brighter are ways to identify ranking. Ranks do exist to our natural reason since i.e. we are more afraid of death than of worry, we are more likely to like to be more often happy than being sad the majority of our time. So ranks are basically finally expressing how much bright should deserve each vibration in life compared to another.

But despite its rank and this following affirmation that will posible be very polemic to our reasoning: every vibration is relative to the rest of others, so ranks are perceptions and not strict hierarchies i.e. death is not universally worse than worry, being sad is not less important than being happy, etc.. . Nevertheless, and as said above, ranks do help us understand the and what matters most than other matters in our life.

See more: ranks phrases

"There are objective hierarchical (while relative) values beyond human experience --- Axiologysts Husserl, scheller, hartmann, (coco), etc"

Gender rank axiom

1st child is vibrated equal by genders

2nd child is a more femaled vibration

3rd child is a more maled vibration

See more: gender phrases