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'''[http://wiki.shareful.be/en/Shareful Shareful]''' is [[lovely]] [[sharing]]
{{Shareful Invitation}}
{{Action realms}}
Shareful is lovely because is '''useful, inclusive and priceless (claused)'''
==Sharic legend==
{{Sharic legend}}
==See also==
*[https://app.wisemapping.com/c/maps/313185/public Mindmap]
[[Category:Life triad]][[Category:Lovelies]]
* [http://app.wisemapping.com/c/maps/84819/public Shareful clauses]: Find the values inherent in shareful, and their posible posible limitings. ''For each value there is a restriction''.
* [https://app.wisemapping.com/c/maps/172459/public Shareful clauses sources], explain in depth the clauses, including some use cases.

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Shareful is lovely share coming from partake, going to share void, child of freed and parent of swap

Shareful is lovely because is useful, inclusive and priceless (claused)

See also