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{{TOC Right}}
==Shareful love==
Shareful loves:
#objects being used and cared
#allow and expose use restrictions
#not perturbing future relation
==Shareful will==
Shareful plays with:
#objects being more active
#scalable permissions and non-binding wishes attached
#enriching people avoiding price
==Shareful wow==
Shareful wows:
#what people feel and view with the "lovely sharing" default code
#inviting to share with [[shareful invitation default]]s
#providing a sharing grammar ([[SAPI]]) with custom clauses scripting bundles for priceless borrowing
===Shareful [[inviting]]===
{{Shareful Invitation}}
This default invitation is letting being, trust and relating flowing because:
#is short and lovely loaded
#can be understood and debated easily by anyone barely knowing any english
#makes hipothetic settling interaction pleasant enough
===Defaults, clauses and wills===
There are varied and limited copies of the [[SI]] (i.e. shareful, just shareful, use with care, [[Full Shareful Invitation]] project, etc).
Here in this wiki you'll find a set of limitations ([[shareful clauses]] --> [[SAPI]]), but anyone can add their own custom clauses in whichever application. Some platform could not feed or blacklist another so-called shareful platform, or at some platforms your inviting might be labelled as "for sharing" only (not shareful) if you choose to make a custom [[shareful core]] (customize a default shareful inviting by overwriting any of the default SIs offered there).
{{Shareful clause definition}}
Shareful clauses are harming the [[shareful love]] but might make more comfortable most of the people in many contextual situations. Some shareful acts will start heavily claused and after gaining more trust, they will be dropping some or all clauses later for that or for another thing.
Some shareful offer could be more [[sharic]] having 7 clauses than another having just a ''[[far]]'' lovely one
{{shareful mindmaps}}
====Shareful clauses coding====
Shareful clauses are coded with the -y suffix added to an adjective (shareful is primarily a noun) that is:
#'''Unique''' (is not a formal word)
#'''Recognizable''' (related to the popular view on that restriction)
#'''Insultive connotation'''(for promoting a discouraging influence for restricting and for encouraging selfcriticism when doing so).
Clauses can also be expressed with graphics, signs, audio and else formats (in the way).
=====Additional information=====
Furthermore than normative narrative, additional shareful invitation specifications can be added to a SI.
{{Additional shareful invitation specification}}i.e.
#Wills, wishes, projections attached (useful for networking offeror with more related receiven)
#Future happenings that could surely condition it (i.e. [[shareful conditionals]])
#Use ease and safety instructions
====[[Settling clauses]]====
The settling clauses are useful for
#settling mediation 
#not needing adding other type of use restricting clauses
#generating quality relational information between offerors
The default settling is
#"caring cheers" in the invitation
#"tell contact and bring it back" in the web form
#"as found or improved" in the support text
The extended default clausing for settling is
#"the one who more lovely offers in the future".
#"..., less things have at the present",
#"the one having been less user of the more similar things in the past",
[[Shareful.be]] is one of the posible shareful platforms, it is very free because:
#very free easy to copy (i.e. [[shareful backup]], [[shareful mirror]], translate, improve, redistribute, etc.)
#lovely referral (i.e. the more shareful crowded place in the world, for lighting the communication of the invitation, etc.)
#offering additional help (i.e. documenting non-binding [[:Category:Shareful cases|cases]] for contextual and subjective mediating with the offers, etc)
[[be.shareful.be]] form is made with
#the less code possible
#the more expressive featuring
#more varied forms
==Shareful morphosintaxis==
Shareful, morphositactickly speaking, is:
#defaultly a noun (for adding adjectives representing clauses i.e. [[Timy shareful]])
#useful as a verb (i want to shareful my time)
#an adjective (i.e. Shareful time)
===Shareful and native english speakers===
''-Shareful is a word that don't exist in english, regardless of shareable, useable and useful''.
Shareful is ever barely used by english native speakers, unless it is a quite logical and lovely construction (usable --> useful, shareable --> ...). Majority of people with a little knowledge of the english language sometimes get to feel shareful before than a native english speaker. 
===Shareful translations===
Shareful translations should be adapted to the local way of coding the act of lovely sharing. I.e. "[[compartiva]]" is one way to translate shareful into spanish, portuguese, italian, catalan and galego. Any spanish speker can either invite to it as if it is "compartiva" or it is "shareful". Both should work the same way, it is up to the invitor.
====Copying shareful====
Shareful is copied with any other words bringing any benefit to it. They only need the reference of ''as in shareful'' in their copied invitation if that is explicitly wanted, i.e. xrfl, shary, churfle, etc
'''Churfle''' or [[sharfle]] is lovelier than shareful because
#much lovelier phonetics (phonetics being the link to its etimology)
#Better as a verb (to churfle vs to shareful, churfling vs sharefulling)
#better as a noun (i.e. instead of ''shamefulness'', does need the ''invitation'' companion less).
But churfle it has a lesser wow than shareful because
#requires time for getting its meaning
#requires a high phonetic art
#it does increase joy of some experts, but is less trustful for newsharers overall
==Shareful and law==
*"Invitation" refers to the terms (core + clauses + other specifications).
*"Offer" is the [[object]] + terms.
:By the way: "Invitation" generally means "invitation to an offer" in [[law]].
===Shareful default invitation offerorship===
The object (cultural work) the [[Shareful Invitation]] default is, if required, it is offered [[freed]], as any other wow.wiki.yt contents are.
===Shareful is safer than sharing in conventional law===
In any posible shareful conventional plaintiff, if the conventional authority would consider that:
#You have ''mislaid'' a thing by offering it shareful (you are being a society damager for dumping carelessly something in the public space). ''Tell us or directly tell them that they should go and sue the shareful default invitation writer and rest of other users''
#You have gifted it. ''You can argue that is easier to say "for you" than "shareful", which even being a neologism, the epistemologic path to get to sharing is the more reasonable and traceable construction''
#You have given a co-ownership of it. ''That can happen, as shareful is based in sharing, i.e.''
Conventional law has sharing mainly specified as co-ownership, and less for when is sharing is a joint (concurrently or not) or for free borrowed use (most of the sharing cases in life and what shareful is for) and could cause the following trouble:
''-Dear judge or else conventional authority, i saw him he was asking for light to people and i only gave him the following [[invitation to treat]]: "i can share the lighter with you" and he did not bring it back to me a minute later when i asked him for giving it back to me. He asked for my contact and stole it from me for a week!''.
That judge could later interpret your sharing offer verbal phrase as if you had gifted part of co-ownership to that someone and closing your claim (instead of the liability in a breach of borrowing contract from that someone to you that you are looking for).
Rather having said: "shareful" (lighter), is supposed to have helped you a little bit more with conventional law authorities. Shareful clauses should be enforceable through the conventional law private contracting field but there have not been sharefulness with conventional law test cases (yet?).
==Shareful wow is lovelier than law==
Shareful wow has a more lovely vibration than law codes for sharing i.e.
We want shareful terms to be shared with please between people. We pretend the using of sensible smiles for inviting and for the acceptance of terms too, for being independent from the word "shareful". We don't pretend to "hack the law", we neither want to "crack the law", we "art the code".
Conventional law is highly artificial and its sophistication has a poor quality code. It creates an environment where people is being dependent on elitist lawyers and unreachable power structures for the most of us. Finally, there is also the [[Full Lawful Shareful Invitation project]] for making a copy of the SI based on lawyers language which will never be a parent of the default SI nor impede any of the rights offered with the default SI.
===Damages dissuasion===
Damages are discouraged with the settling defaults and with clauses i.e. requiring a grant, or using useful external tools i.e. [[trustful code]].
The more that shareful offering grows around, the more a damage causes bad reputation. Every offeror is free to interpret such behaviour as "not caring" and imped you using according to that, you could try to difamate him but you are ''less''. 
==Sharic legend==
{{Sharic legend}}
Shareful is lovely because is '''useful, inclusive and priceless (claused)'''
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==See also==
==See also==
* [[Talk:Shareful|Talk]]
*[https://app.wisemapping.com/c/maps/313185/public Mindmap]
* [http://shareful.be/en/Making_of Making of]
* [http://shareful.be shareful.be]
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Shareful is lovely because is useful, inclusive and priceless (claused)

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