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Layer Lovely Far lovely
1 Universal femenine masculine
1.1 Vital flow surf
1.1.1 Foundational emerge create
1.1.2 Intentional merge tune
1.1.3 Processual converge complement
1.2 Relational harmony equilibrium
1.2.1 Enigmatical hint seek
1.2.2 Imitational dynamic reproduce
1.2.3 Transformational pattern evolution
1.3 Perfectional simple complex
1.3.1 Precisional unite separate
1.3.2 Programational constant dual
1.3.3 Architectural current integral
2 Natural real positive
2.1 Fundamental essence substance
2.1.1 Observational intract react Detectional clear clean Interpretational unknowable unobservable Perceptional deep mean
2.1.2 Temporal mesh leap Global phase timeline Actual now present Artificial eternal linear
2.1.3 Spatial wave density Total load full Microscopical particle atom Macroscopical infinite cosmos
2.2 Formal shape shell
2.2.1 Elemental layer dimension Positional center peripheral Reciprocal hybrid lattice Structural nuclear distribute
2.2.2 Directional pull push Inertial deaccelerate accelerate Orbital spin radial Traslational axis path
2.2.3 Material magnetic electric Geometrical fractal torus Musical vibrate resonate Chemical magic miracle
2.3 Mechanical cause effect
2.3.1 Functional trend regulate Analitical deep mean Qualitational better best Quantitational amazing awesome
2.3.2 Implosional inner concentrate Phenomenal foresee predict Theoretical posible probable Practical certain exact
2.3.3 Expansional able enable Computational hack flaw Physical shift paradigm Mathematical principle equation
3 Biological agency * presence
3.1 Organical thrive strive
3.1.1 Anatomical compose vertebrate Connectional nucleus cytoplasm Genetical go unique Epigenetical return inmune
3.1.2 Physiological sentient magnify Nerval afferent efferent Neural analogy emphasis Hormonal relay amplify
3.1.3 Morphological soul body Vegetal spore flower Animal gland mammal Sapiental talent human
3.2 Communicational sign meme
3.2.1 Sensorial touch view Emotional intense extense Sensual excite transfer Sexual orgasm transmit
3.2.2 Mental lead * true * Existential subtle hope Experiential love wish Experimental joy fun Explorational wise care Internal aware * fit Recognitial cheer like Attentional cute feed Psicological select enhance External guess * imagine * Operational act perform Adaptational convenient adequate Behavioural choose integrate
3.2.3 Rational accept * rate * Personal be * single * Trascendental pure depurate Passional intend expect Spiritual faith sacred Intelectual smart perform Aesthetical nice beautiful Inspirational fresh charm Artistical style way Reputational merit fame Logical right rigour Referential stand format Propositional manifest goal Constructional humble honest Local trustful * peace Environtmental kind affect Special equal close Grupal intimate mate Territorial relative neighbour Tactical quick prefer Optimal match basic Original new challenge Potential wow edgy Ethical pleasant cool Educational habit hobby Cultural adore admire Political skill sharp Social free * fair Organizational cohesion resolve Consensual agree convince Contactual embrace engage Contractual access allow Estrategical plan convenient Ideal value virtue Mutual common given Projectional advance achieve Moral promote propose Constitutional order formalize Administrational enforce federate Institutional private public
3.3 Economical do * use
3.3.1 Productional keep manage Extractional compensate * restore Manufactural make craft Servicial offer * license *
3.3.2 Technical note acomplish Negotiational tacit cheap Convertional ori cash Deal direct * flevy
3.3.3 Beneficial get acquire Altruistical freed * favor Communal share * partake * Commercial swap * credit