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Higher or lower ranked (f)loves (flows) are (always) vibrating more or less intensevely but equivalently in the (limited) layers of life through a certain simultaneous evolvable processing of bright and shade.

Bright vibrates more flove if less sibling shade and more upper floves vibrate along

We can't vibrate all bright in all dimensions at once and this causes shades to be redeemed (evolving them to be less shady)

We have vibrating manias based in our gender, personal history, cultural and social influences and more specially based in present shade we view not being redeemed in our local and global environtment

Lovely (and far lovely) are flove heuristic deontologies while print (the highest flove) is still only a part of a perceptual faith

Science is (still, only) (descriptive) code that easily vibrates truth. But science will never view-know-code it all and missed or remaining truths will rely on faith. So science is useful for extending (making more lovely) the (normal universal, natural, human) experiencing of faith, the highest experienceable free will, within a deterministic framework (needed for the stability of the whole).