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This an EndoFlawer post about his wikism.

I met the wikism in 2006 at project. It was for the specific scope of promoting free software in the public administration. After some weeks and for some months i started to feel the average thrill of creating 10 new wiki pages a day.

At that early, but enough decent speed of wiking, there came some need for releasing more writings in a less directed and less formalized style. This is something usually happening to every maniac wiki writer i.e. while writting a page or from a simple paragraph of some stub, the output starts to be offtopic for that wiki, so it comes up the consequent thought of needing a bigger scope wiki for those new ideas.

The article that provoked the need to upgrade to a new domain from was divisanació soberana (which is still making sense to keep it being present in this actual wiki nowadays...). It is a post article in catalan about how to achieve realer independence along with centered and varied nationalism through freely federated currencies.

I had already considered wiking in wikipedia, and a bit later i realized the impossibility in getting deeper into specific things at wikipedia itself: -I couldn't stay pending of people with more free time than me reverting my edits or negotiating there with admins to unflag me as a vandal for extending the barter page (and accesories)).

So i went to set up a new wiki on the domain for evolving a trueque (barter) definition and accesory pages.

After a year or so at my first own wiki, i realized that portuguese) was much better than reddetrueque because i wanted to have an iberic area scope for an specific implementation.

"Sharing", "altruism" and "gift" were already showing up in a chapter of the troco (barter) definition, and i felt they deserved more specific attention than include them below barter.

Through a friend i visited sharewiki, through sharewiki i found and i felt in wiklove at first sight with that project..... . Months after editing specific bits and pieces there, ppp was good but too cold and long enough, so i thought about creating shareful was the next proper way to go, and was the place to merge that all.

During two or three years i had been editing in sharewiki. There i felt the depths of obssesive wiking for some seasons up to reaching the thousands of pages (apart of categories and templates).

I got quite obsessed with documenting shareful at that time. At a time where there were more than 500 pages about shareful in sharewiki i moved all to, and carried on there for around 6 months.

Shareful are standards that could work on their own, but social organization promoting those is key for it to be more expanded, so i was needing yet another broader wiki domain.... i.e. There are things that are 100% free but are not shareful. So i found up that comunaction was a better domain for matching that will i.e. shareful to be one of the production standards of the comonomy section from comunaction, documented at

It worked for a year or so, but there was yet one more conceptual thing bugging me up.

-Why they all look for 100% of freedom, collaborativeness, nicelookingwordhere if they all wanna mean:

-Why we need an org name in front of the standards? why to give the main space to an org and not to the concept instead?..... so flow + love + org =! could have been the final wiki, but that wasn't a deep enough thought for avoiding a time costy new future hipothetical wiki migration.......

It is more accurate to assume that (this) wiki is basically useful for coding (even beyond flove). A useful code is some that makes you wow. So here we are now, (8), a wiki to maybe be linked from


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